Reading older aircraft MDL files (at least partly)

The screenshot above shows some success with reading the older aircraft MDL files. In this case it is a CFS2 aircraft (they use the same MDL structure as FS98 and FS2000). This models comes out quite good. Unfortunately not all models load that well. Many of them only show partly or not at all after importing. This seems to be caused by the fact that aircraft MDL files have a lot more conditional display than the scenery objects that ModelConverterX normally reads.

So I will first have to think of a best way to handle these conditions, else it is not possible to read aircraft MDL files usefully. Luckily this was already on the wishlist for other objects as well. I would like to add the ability to switch variables on or off from within ModelConverterX and that you then see the object change. If that is not possible I will probably let the user set the value of all variables used before importing. But the first option would be more powerful of course.

So time to do some thinking and hopefully I can implement this feature soon….

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