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Today I have added a new feature to the ModelConverterX development release, the convert wizard. This function makes it even easier to convert and place an object into Flight Simulator. I have added this feature mainly with the novice developer in mind. Somebody who just wants to add a few objects to Flight Simulator. Even for such a task multiple tools are often needed. You might model it in SketchUp, then you convert it to a MDL file with ModelConverterX, place it in a library with Library Creator XML and finally position it at the correct location with WhisPlacer. That are quite some tools for such a simple task.

With this feature I have tried to reduce the amount of tools neeed. So ModelConverterX can place the object as well at a certain location and directly put the BGL file and the textures in your scenery project.

I have made a demonstration video to show you how this new feature works. Feel free to try it and give me feedback on how to make it even more user friendly. I know there are still some rough edges in this feature, which I hope to iron out in the coming weeks.

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  1. trying to make a shooter out of FSX

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