Another object placement tool?

For a while I am thinking about how to integrate the different tools I have made better. An example of this integration would be to open objects from Library Creator XML directly into ModelConverterX or easily insert an object from ModelConverterX directly into a library. While playing with those integration idea I had another idea. ModelConverterX already has a simple object placement function, so why not extend it with a proper object placement tool? Like a FSX update of ObPlacer XML. Below is a quick video of a prototype tool I made for this.

My question is would yet another object placement tool be useful or not? We already have Instant Scenery and WhisPlacer. And a tool like ADE can also place objects at your airport already.

I am not planning to give my tool full live preview capabilities like Instant Scenery or WhisPlacer. Many because personally I never use that feature. As you can see in the video I have been experimenting with using background images like OpenStreetMap or Bing to show reference maps you can place the object on.

Let me know what your ideas are about such a tool and maybe in the future this tool can be added to the suite. But don’t hold your breath for it, this video is just a prototype and I have no fixed plans yet to make it a full tool.

2 thoughts on “Another object placement tool?

  1. Glen says:

    Whishplacer is good but it has a couple of failing and one majot one.

    The worst thing about it is the fact that you canno store your background maps and have to load them every time you restart the program.

    The second is the library function which is not the greatest.

    If you could make sure that your object placement tool incorporated the storing function and improve on its library management then it will befantastic.

  2. Hermann says:

    I think it would be great to have an integrated object placer tool.

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