FlightGear on FSDeveloper

Last week we opened forums to discuss X-Plane development on FSDeveloper. And this week we have added a new subforum again, this time to discuss development for the open source FlightGear simulator. So from now on you can also discuss development of scenery or aircraft for FlightGear on FSDeveloper, we hope you enjoy those new […]

Effects with an offset

A topic that has been raised frequently on the FSDeveloper forums recently is that effects attached to an object in FSX have an offset in their placement. Especially when you use these effects for your taxiway lighting or approach lights that is an annoying “feature”. So tonight I did a little experiment to see if […]

Oops a mistake, undo please!

It’s probably on of the key combinations most used in computer programs, Ctrl-Z, to undo your last action. Until now ModelConverterX did not have any undo functionality. When I started with the tool an undo function was not really needed, since it was an object converter. You loaded an object and exported it into another […]