Library Creator XML 3.0

I am working on an updated version of Library Creator XML. Not that there is much wrong with the current version, but I would like to add a few new features. And to be able to add them easier I decided that I would first cleanup and optimize the current code a bit. So that’s what I am doing at the moment. I will also give the tool a new user interface that is more in line with my recent tools. Below you see a first screenshot of this new user interface.

So what kind of features do I plan to add? Here are the ones that are at the top of my wishlist:

  • Export list of textures used by library
  • Open BGL library files in LibraryCreator XML
  • View an object from the library in ModelConverterX
  • Add objects to a library directly from ModelConverterX

Let me know if you have ideas for other interesting features. Not all of the feature above will be available in the next release by the way, I am going to add them gradually.

4 thoughts on “Library Creator XML 3.0

  1. Glen says:

    You could integrate it with your object placement tool and save yourself a lot of work. Any option requested would be duplicate in the Object Placement Tool.

  2. arno says:

    The way I am rewriting the tool now makes sure it uses the same building blocks as ModelConverterX already, for example for exporting to BGL. So in that way the functionality should also be useable for other tools later on.

    I don’t think only an object placement tool is a good idea. Many people want to have a simple tool to make a library.

  3. Hi Arno!

    The tool itself is wonderful. There are some annoying effect.
    I’ve realised if you change the library but you forget than your change will be gone – there is no warning that you are about to leave without saving.
    Other effect that LC generates new GUID-s for FS2004 even in the mdl’s xml there is one. So if you forget to save your work, you want to re-do your job new guid’s are present than you can place them again.
    Recently happened to me : I’ve created a library with 15 objects. I’ve generated a bgl and with instant scenery I placed the objects in FS. Today I had to regenareta the 15 mdl’s than I realised my library were not saved. If I redo the library it will get new GUID-s but than I have to place them with IS again or I have to manualy tweak the xml file but sometimes it does not work.

  4. arno says:


    With this new version I plan to add reading from BGL files as well. So that should help in recovering your GUIDs.

    I thought the current version also had a reminder to save changes, but must say I am not completely sure. In the new version I want to remove that feature anyway. When you can import from both XML and BGL, there is a smaller change to loose information.

    I will put the import GUID from default sample XML on the wishlist as well. At the moment that is not supported.

    Thanks for the feedback, it is useful to know where improvements would be needed.


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