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 In 2004 I started a community website for scenery designers and I called it In 2006 we decided to rebrand this site to FSDeveloper and expand it to discuss all kind of addons. All the time I still kept the domain as well, it was just pointing to FSDeveloper.

On the right you see the origional logo, it might look familiar to you. That’s because I am also using it as the icon for (almost) all of the tools I make for FS. So I have now decided to re-use the domain as a central place to get information about my tools. So on this new website you will find the following:


  • An overview of all the tools I made, with links to manuals, downloads and support forums
  • The latest development release of ModelConverterX, FXEditor and DrawCallMonitor
  • An overview of the recent changes made in the development release


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