64 bit version

Until now all of my tools were 32 bit, so even if you we’re running them on a 64 bit OS you could not access the additional memory. Especially for scenProc that was an annoying limitation, so today I took another look at making them 64 bit as well.

In the end it turned out that except from a few external libraries I am using, most of the code runs fine on 64 bit as well. And for those few libraries that gave trouble I found versions that do work on 64 bit as well.

So from the next development release the tool will run as 64 bit applications if you have a 64 bit OS and else they will run as 32 bit as before. Since I made some changes to DLL files I would advice you to completely remove the old version when upgrading to this new version.

When using scenProc with shapefiles be aware that a driver used to read the shapefiles needs to be available as a 64 bit version as well when running on a 64 bit OS. Check out the details on the wiki manual about installing this driver.

In my testing the tools ran fine, but please let me know if you have any issues with this new version.