Material editor and saving textures

Until now the material editor would save a new texture directly for every change you made. So for example renaming the texture or changing the size. When doing multiple operations in a row that resulted in many textures in the texture folder that were not used in the end. And for the user there was an annoying task to figure out which of the textures are actually used.

So I have made a change to the material editor now. From the next development release all the changes you make are first stored in memory only. Once you are done with all your changes you can press the save textures button to save the files to disk. This not only includes all operations on the textures tab, but also minimizing drawcalls. If you try to close the material editor without saving the textures to disk, you will get a reminder.

I hope this change makes it all a bit more user friendly. I plan to make a video tutorial soon to demonstrate all the cool optimizations that can be done now with the material editor.