MSTS support?

So, I was on business trip and had an hour to spare or so before we would go to dinner. What would you do with that bit of time?

Triggered by some reason discussion if exchange of objects between FS en MSTS could be possible, I decided to have a look at adding support for MSTS objects to ModelConverterX. The first results are quite encouraging. I have been able to read the basic geometry and material information. Tricky point remain the textures, since MSTS seems to use its own texture format. In the screenshot below I faked by converting them to DDS before loading into ModelConverterX.

But given these first successes, I will probably try to add this functionality in a future release. I just need to do some more testing with different files.

One thought on “MSTS support?

  1. arno says:

    I should probably have mentioned that MSTS is Microsoft Train Simulator…

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