scenProc GUI available

A first version of the scenProc graphical user interface is now available in the development release package. This new interface allows you to run the scenProc configuration file from the GUI, you don’t have to use the command prompt anymore. I also includes a text editor control, with tooltips and auto-completion to make it easier to type the configuration file.

To demonstrate all new functionality I have made a video tutorial:

Let me know if you have any feedback on this first version. I already have some ideas to make creating the filter easier. But any other suggestions are more than welcome!

2 thoughts on “scenProc GUI available

  1. Vogel says:

    Hi Arno,

    Great work again ! thx to keep FlightSim up… higher & higher…

    2 Questions:

    first question: Can I use your tools independently from scenproc ?

    If yes: second question:

    I’ve made a small tool to merge AGN Tile from scenproc for example & other one… I use your great tools: Txt2AGN & AGN2TXT (or AGNdump from SDK when converting AgenT Tile) to extract data from AGN file.

    It work no too bad at that time but, I would gain time if I could transfert data directly from AGNfile to my personnalAGNobject… so I begin to explore your Autogen.dll library and create a small code to translate AGNfileDATA -> YourAutogen.Tile -> MyAutogenObject. It work but I’m front of one difficulty. When I use a ASToFra.Autogen.AGNDecoder object to decode an AGNfile if I try to decode the same file one more time I get an error: the file is already use by an other process… as the AGNDecoder was already alive. Do you know how to correct that ?

    my code:

    ASToFra.Autogen.AGNDecoder Decoder = new ASToFra.Autogen.AGNDecoder();
    Tile_en_cours = Decoder.Decode(chem_fichier);

    may be I need to kill the Decoder object but I’m a newby programer & I don’t know how…

    a link to my tool:

    sorry it’s only in french at that time

    Can You help me ?

    • arno says:


      I would have to check, maybe I forget to close the file properly in that function. Just drop me an email and we can discuss further.


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