scenProc GUI progress

I have made some progress on the scenProc user interface. The buttons to process the configuration file are working now, all processing steps report their progress and messages in the GUI, there is syntax highlighting and tool tips showing help about the processing steps.

Next item to work on is auto completion while editing the configuration file.

6 thoughts on “scenProc GUI progress

  1. JpPeretti says:

    Hi Arno
    Thanks for doing such a good job!
    I cant wait…

  2. Ross Willington says:

    Hi Arno!

    I recently stumbled across scenProc. It immediately interested me and will be used immediately to improve the desktop simulators in the department of Flight Science and Technology at the University of Liverpool.

    Do you know, however, if it is possible to convert the FSX .agn files scenProc produces to FS2004 format? If not, is there a description of the FS2004 .agn format, and how to compile it? If I knew how to write / compile FS2004 .agn files, I could probably write a MATLAB script to do the conversion myself.

    Very best regards and thank you for your work!


    • arno says:

      Hi Ross, it is on my wishlist to support fs2004 as well. I hope to look into the differences of the agn format soon. I haven’t seen a tool to convert agn files between the versions.


  3. Ross Willington says:

    Hi Arno!

    It appears I should have searched harder before asking. Just after you replied, I found an old post from the AVSIM forums that lays out pretty much the whole FS2004 .agn format. Now the chief difficulty appears to be finding a method of splitting FSX vegetation polygons into the squares FS2004 requires (I’m not working with buildings yet.)

    Otherwise, it *should* be fairly simple to write a conversion script… famous last words!



  4. arno says:

    Hi Ross,

    Where did you find the format specification? Would help me as well when I come to implement the function.


  5. Hi Arno,

    although I am an FSX aircraft developer – and scenery making is just an “hobby in the hobby”, I’d like to thank you for all your work for the Flight Simulator community.

    A fantastic effort.
    I’ve just discovered ScenProc, and I had no time to test it so far, but the idea is great and I’m looking forward to have autogen in my home region (Genoa in Italy). Unfortunately I have not been able to find properly formatted files for US…which is the proper scenery for the planes I am modeling (F-14D, T-45C and F-35)…

    Anyway THANK YOU for your outstanding contribution!

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