Where do the bug reports go?

A few months ago I added the error reporting function to ModelConverterX. This means that if the program crashes, you can send in an error report. But you might be wondering what happens after you send it in.

At the moment 203 errors have been sent in and this is what happened with them:

  • 3 reports are still open and have to be investigated further
  • 45 of them have been fixed. In most cases this means the bug has been fixed. For some rare bugs it could also be that the crash has been prevented by adding an extra warning, but that the limitation is still there.
  • 57 of them I could not reproduce, this is usually the case when no object to test the bug has been included in the error report.
  • 2 of them were not fixable, these were shader errors due to limitations of the hardware used.
  • 83 of them were duplicate error reports, either because multiple people sent them in or because a user sent the error twice.
  • 10 of them required no chance, either because the problem had already been solved or because the problem was caused by something else.
  • 1 was suspended, which means it should be solved in the future, but has been delayed because it is a rare problem.
  • 2 of them I decided to not fix, this are bug that are very rare and should not happen again.

Combining all this I am very happy with the error reports I receive. They help me to understand better what kind of issues users encounter and thereby I can fix the bugs quicker.

So thanks everybody for submitting them and please continue to do so. And don’t forget to include the object that caused the crash, as that helps a lot to reproduce the problem.

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