Multiple object placements

The next development release of ModelConverterX contains a number of changes related to object placement.  The main change is that you can now place multiple instances of the same object from within ModelConverterX.

The placement is no longer done from the Object Information form, instead a new Object Placement form has been added. You still have the familiar reference map that can show maps from different providers.

Another big change is that there are two export buttons now. One to export objects and one to export scenery. Let me explain the differences.

  • Export object will export only the selected object to the format of your choice. You can choose any of the supported 3D object formats. No placement information is exported in this case.
  • Export scenery will export all loaded objects and their placement information at once. For the moment the supported formats are FSX BGL, FS2004 BGL and BGLComp XML.

I have made a video tutorial explaining the changes.

On the surface this might seem a relatively small change, but underwater I had to make quite some changes to make everything more flexible and support multiple placements. I have tried to test all features, but if you have trouble with the latest development release please let me know.

With the changes I have made now it will become quite easy to add support to scenProc to export XML object placement as well. So that is something I will be working on soon. And these changes also allow me to finish the ObPlacerX² object placement tool that I have been making a prototype of secretly :).

One thought on “Multiple object placements

  1. Vogel says:

    Great! as usual… thanks for the video tutorial. I find it very usefull to understand well the new functionnality and the use of your tools. thanks you so much Arno.

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