Reading KML files

kml-685I have added support for another file format to scenProc, it is now also possible to read KML files. This means that you can now use Google Earth as well to draw your points, lines and polygons. And then use scenProc to convert this data into autogen for FSX.

I have only tested with some KML files made with Google Earth and QGIS. So if you have KML files made with another tool and have problems with importing them, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Reading KML files

  1. JpP says:

    Hi Arno
    Thanks a lot for that recent development; I enjoy this new ability to get light poles along the roads.
    In the same way, do you think you could give us the electric power arrays (poles or so) along the railways (using the appropriate OSM data)?
    Anyway thank you again for doing such a good job!
    Best regards

    • arno says:

      Hi, that would be possible as well. I don’t think fsx has a model for such a pole, so you would have to make it yourself.

  2. JpP says:

    OK, thanks Arno; it could perhaps be imported from MSTS…



    • arno says:

      That’s a nice idea! They should have such models.

      I have already started on coding MSTS support for ModelConverterX btw, just not finished it yet 🙂


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