Recent changes

Over the last weekend I made a couple of changes to the development releases of my tools. Here is a quick overview of the changes:

  • Last Friday I introduce the big changes to ModelConverterX that allow multiple object placements. Unfortunately some bugs slipped into these changes. These caused crashes while loading certain BGL files and also the drawcall minimizer was not working correctly anymore. All of these bugs should be fixed by tomorrows development release. But let me know if you find some new issues.
  • Last week I added an extra filter to the scenProc step that sets the height of the buildings in a tile. Now a similar filter has been added to the steps that set the building texture, row house texture and vegetation settings. This means you can now set them differently for each tile.
  • There was a bug in scenProc as well for the way it wrote library objects to autogen files. Due to this bug these library objects did not show correctly in Annotator and that also meant that when saving in Annotator they would be lost. This bug has been fixed now. So if you made autogen files with library objects in a prior scenProc version it is highly recommended that you recreate them with the latest build.
  • Last change is that the ground polygon wizard of ModelConverterX now has two additional checkboxes that allow you to select and deselect all textures at once to enable night textures and/or seasonal textures. Especially for models with many textures this should save quite some mouse clicks.

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