Recent changes

In the last three weeks I have been a bit busy, so I haven’t posted about the changes I made to my tools recently. Here is a quick overview of the most important changes:

  • There was a memory leak in scenProc when using the SplitGrid step, this has been fixed. But if you still have a version build between the 2nd and 11th of March, I would urge you to update to the latest version.
  • You can now highlight the selected part in the hierarchy viewer in the preview. This can be useful to identify with node of the scenegraph you have selected.
  • There was a bug that objects with empty LOD did not export correctly anymore, that has been fixed now.
  • I have added a new batch operator to apply a material template. This means that you can now apply a certain material template to a selection of objects using the batch convert wizard. Given that applying a night texture is also a material template, the special batch operator to apply a night texture has been removed now.

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