Improvements for aircraft models

In the next ModelConverterX development release there are two big changes that are mainly important for aircraft modellers: When a custom animation is used in the FSX MDL file that is not defined in the modeldef.xml file that you pointed ModelConverterX to it will no longer be ignored. Instead ModelConverterX will read the animation parameters […]

Moving around in the preview

To move around in the ModelConverterX object preview you would use your mouse. With the left button you can rotate the object, with the right button you can pan the object. And with the mouse wheel you can zoom. And to control how much zoom and pan you give there are two options: PanScale and […]

Back online

It must have been Murphy’s law, just a day after I left home the server on which this website runs went offline. And remote I could not login anymore to correct the problem. So this site has been offline for a couple of days now. Today I got back home again and after a quick […]