Blinking lights

In the attached object editor of ModelConverterX you can add lights to your object. On export to FSX these lights will be converted into effect (FX) files. Besides the colour you can now also specify a blink duration for those lights. This means you can create flashing lights. If you enter a blink duration of […]

Dot vs. comma again, argh…

This must one of the most annoying “features” of the FS SDK tools. Many of them only work correctly when the decimal character is set to a dot. For example MakeMDL or XtoMDL refuse to work correctly when the decimal character is a comma. Many developers bump into this problem, since a lot of countries […]

Having fun with autogen – part 1

A while ago I started to explore the possibilities of custom autogen objects a bit more. I wanted to see what I could do with custom vegetation groups for polygonal vegetation. In this post I want to share some of my finding until now. Using the Annotator configuration editor it is not so hard to add new […]

scenProc crashes should be fixed

A little while ago I changed how the autogen configuration is read into scenProc. This change resulted in some unexpected crashes for some users. These seemed to happen mainly when FSX was installed within the Program Files folder and Windows did not give the right permission to read the files. I have now made the […]

scenProc and error reporting

Let me start by saying that the recent scenProc releases might be a little less robust. Some users are reporting crashes since I made the change to read the FSX autogen configuration from the FSX installation folder, instead of the SDK. To help me to figure out what goes wrong, because as a developer would […]

Drawcall batching settings

I have made a few small changes to the ModelConverterX settings when it comes to drawcall batching. With these changes it is now also possible to make MDL files without drawcall batching. In some cases that is needed, because the batching can give some artifacts. Before there was one setting that controlled whether LOD worked […]

DrawCallMonitor update

I have just made an update for DrawCallMonitor. With this update you can also load an object library BGL file and see the statistics of each object. The be able to switch between objects there is a list displayed on the right. This update should make it easier to inspect files to see how many […]