Save some memory and disable the preview

In my bugtracking system I now and then get error reports from people who run out of memory while working on a model with ModelConverterX. These bugs are often impossible to reproduce on my side, as it depends on the PC the application is run on.

If you are using the 32 bit version of ModelConverterX, have a PC with not too much memory and working on a quite complex model with a lot of textures, you might run out of memory.

To help those users I have added a new option now. With this option you can disable the preview. You can find it under the rendering options. This means that the object is not shown in the preview. As a result of that the textures are not loaded either (if you don’t open the material editor). This can save quite some memory and hopefully that is enough to finish the work you were doing on the model. All the editors and export function will still works as usual.

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