In my bug reporting system I can see that it relatively often happens that people run into trouble (crashes) because they remove the SPLITGRID step from their configuration file. If you then try to create autogen features scenProc will crash. This is because I assumed that the SPLITGRID step will be done first. This step […]

I flipped it

Yesterday I fixed a bug in the scenProc step that imports AGN files. There was an issue in this step that resulted in part of the autogen features being displayed wrong. They were vertically flipped. So if you are using the import AGN step in your workflow, please update to the latest version and run […]

BGLComp SceneryObject flags

A few days ago I added support to ModelConverterX to read the additional options like <NoShadow /> or <NoAutogenSuppresion /> from the object placement code in the BGL file. Initially I had some trouble to find out where these options ended up in the binary code, since it was not documented in the otherwise excelent […]

Tree detection

One of the first problems I encountered when I tried to make autogen for Nantucket is the lack of vector data for the vegetation. OpenStreetMap contains hardly any vegetation and also the GIS department of Massachusetts has not much usable data. So therefore I started to experiment with detecting the vegetation in the imagery.  And […]

Nantucket photo scenery

As I mentioned in my previous post I would write a bit more details about how I created the photo scenery for my Nantucket test project. From the website of the Massachusetts GIS department I could download 30 cm imagery of the entire island. But they came in 101 tiles and in the SID format. […]