scenProc and error reporting

Let me start by saying that the recent scenProc releases might be a little less robust. Some users are reporting crashes since I made the change to read the FSX autogen configuration from the FSX installation folder, instead of the SDK.

To help me to figure out what goes wrong, because as a developer would always say it works fine on my PC, I have added an error reporting function to scenProc. It works just like the error reporting in ModelConverterX. If you encounter a crash, you can send a report to me and it gets logged in my bugtracker automatically.

So please do so if you encounter a crash, as it helps me to make the tool more robust and fix issues I might not even be aware of now.

2 thoughts on “scenProc and error reporting

  1. David Young says:

    hi i have tried your development scenpro it keeps saying no visual 2008 runtime Files i have installed the runtime and i use window 8 wich has net 4.00 your stable version no problem only develop version
    Thanks Dave

    • arno says:

      Are you sure you installed the right version of the 2008 runtime files? You need the 64 bit one if you have a 64 bit system. The right links are in the manual.

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