blenderlogoFor a long time 3D objects for Flight Simulator could only be developed with a couple of tools. For example FSDS or GMax with the right gamepack. But over the last few years there is a trend to use more and more tools. For example SketchUp is also popular now to make scenery objects. Recently we have also seen more interest in using Blender to design for FS on the FSDeveloper forum. That’s why we have added a special subforum for it now.

To get the objects out of Blender and into FS you can best use ModelConverterX. From Blender you export as a DirectX X file. This way you can even export animations. In ModelConverterX you can then load this X file, tweak the materials and animations as needed and then export again. The X file Blender makes does not have all the FS specific extensions, but ModelConverterX will add them for you.

I’ll try to post a little more details about using ModelConverterX and Blender in the near future.

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