OGR power!

For the new scenProc feature to detect features from imagery I started to use the GDAL/OGR libraries. But since the OGR library supports reading many vector formats, I have now also add a new step that allows you to read in data through this library. It is called IMPORTOGR. The attributes are the same as […]

FSDeveloper DNS problem

As already indicated in my post yesterday there is a problem with the FSDeveloper website. The DNS is not working correctly. We are working with the domain registrar to get everything working again, but since Christmas is approaching quickly now I don’t expect an answer from their support anymore before Christmas. So that means it […]

FSDeveloper offline

As you have maybe already noticed the FSDeveloper website is currently not accessible. The problem has nothing to do with the server, but for some administrative reasons the domain has been put on hold. We are working hard to reverse this and hope that the site is available again soon. If you want to keep […]

scenProc and tiny autogen buildings

A while ago I already wrote about the dangers of tiny buildings in autogen. The problem with those tiny buildings is that they will prevent other autogen from showing correctly in Annotator as well. Since some users reported such trouble recently, I have decided to automatically filter out buildings that are smaller than 1 meter […]

Prepar3D v2 MDL changes

When I released the first update for ModelConverterX that supports the new Prepar3D v2 MDL format, I had already found out two differences in the MDL format: The material definition has been extended with an additional attribute for the ZBias The indices of the triangles are now stored as int instead of short. This basically […]

Points in polygons

I have added a new step to scenProc, PLACEPOINTSINPOLYGON. With this step you can place points in polygons. This can be useful if you want to scatter objects in the polygon for example. As arguments the step takes the distance between the points and the amount of randomness you want to use. Below you see […]