Upcoming updates

The last weeks updates of my tools have been a bit slower than usual. On one hand that was because I have been busy with non-FS activities, but also because I have been experimenting a lot with creating autogen for Nantucket with scenProc. It’s useful to sometimes do some actual work with my own tools, that gives a lot of ideas for future improvements.

For ModelConverterX the highest priority new feature is to improve support for aircraft MDL files. But since I’m quite busy with scenProc now, it might take a few months before I will concentrate on ModelConverterX again. In the mean time I do try to fix bugs that are reported, but that also goes a bit slower than usual.

In the last week I have been working on improving the scenProc algorithm to split complex building footprints in multiple rectangles. I’m almost done with this update, I only need to implement one last improvement that I have in my mind now. After that I will have to update the documentation so that it is clear how to use this improved step.

I had hoped to finish this scenProc improvement by this weekend, but last week I had less time than expected. Next week we’ll go on vacation, so it might be I will only be able to finish it after that. So in that case you would have to wait a few more weeks…

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