Batch mode from command prompt

I already made these changes a few days ago in ModelConverterX, but since I didn’t write about them yet they probably went unnoticed by most of you. So let me document the changes I made to the batch mode.

First I add a checkbox to the batch convert wizard that allows you to select if you actually want to export objects. I added this because I wanted to generate screenshots in batch mode, so in that case exporting the objects is not needed. I guess making screenshots is the only use case for this feature, as all other batch operators only make sense if you export the object afterwards.

The second change I made is that you can now also start the batch mode from the command prompt. This can be done in two ways:

modelconverterx.exe -batch yourbatch.mbc

The command above will start ModelConverterX and load the select batch settings into the batch wizard and start processing them. So in this case you should save all objects you want to convert in the batch settings file.

modelconverterx.exe myfile.mdl -batch yourbatch.mbc

With the command above the specified file (myfile.mdl) will also be added to the list of objects to process in the batch wizard. So in this case you better save the batch settings without any files to convert and then you can specify on which file the batch operations should be run from the command prompt.

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