P3D v2 and GPW gaps

In my post from two days ago I reported about gaps in my ground polygons, this lead me to discover the different resolution of BGLComp and BGLC generated BGL files. But it turned out that the gap was also caused by a programming mistake I made. The round earth correction was not completely correct for the P3D v2 output. I have fixed that now and as a result you can use the option to divide the polygons in a grid again. For the FS2002 style polygons that gave a better performance, I guess we need more testing to see if that is also the case for P3D. But in general it should be more efficient for the rendering engine if not all polygons have to be drawn.

The observations about the different positional resolution still stand, but they were not the cause of my gaps. So gaps fixed and still something interesting learned.

3 thoughts on “P3D v2 and GPW gaps

  1. Ken Hall says:

    Great work

  2. Mi2 says:


    Je vois avec plaisir que vous recherchez toutes les compatibilité de ModelConvertX avec P3D v2.
    Afin d’exporter des fichier DAE de SketchUp au travers de ModelConvertX puis InstantScenery, je reste bloqué à MCX. Il bloque à l’export en format MDL. Il ne retrouve pas les fichiers dans SDK de P3D ou FSX.
    S’i vous est possible de m’ai der, je vous en serais très reconnaissant.
    Bien à vous.

    • arno says:


      My French is not so good, but if I understand correctly MCX doesn’t find your P3D v2 SDK. Make sure you have the development release, as version 1.3 doesn’t support p3d v2. You can set the paths to the sdk tools manually in the options if needed.


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