Place points along line updated

I have updated the PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE step of scenProc today. So if you grab the new development release tomorrow you will notice that the step takes two more arguments. So your existing configuration files need to be updated!

Please check the updated manual for all details of the changes. Below I will give a short summary. There are two main changes:

  • You can specify the distance from the start of the line to the first point now. Before that always defaulted to half the distance between the points.
  • You can choose between two modes now. The SINGLE mode is how the step worked before and the new CONTINUOUS mode has been added to allow you to create point features for a continuous row of library objects. See the details in the manual, but the idea is that you can for example place a median along a road using library objects and that they will form a continuous row.

Below is a picture showing the CONTINUOUS mode in action with a test object I made. I was actually planning to use it for cables between telephone poles, but it turned out easier to test with this median object. I’m sure you can find other ways to use it.



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