RADItor update

I have made a small update for RADItor. When you drop a file on the EXE, shortcut or on the main form it will now automatically be loaded. So you don’t have to manually browse for the file anymore in that situation.

The new version can be downloaded from the RADItor page.

One thought on “RADItor update

  1. lloyd says:

    Why dosnt anyone try to make 3d auto-gens or try to make the plane in 3d .I want to do it but iv still got a lot of learning to do . Its very easy to create a red and green 3d image that stands out a centimeter from the screen ,that i have masted .All you need is have the knowledge on how to Incorporated the image from piantshop or photoshop into the image liabry where the autogen are kept.Remember the first person to do this will be the first and a name around town

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