Updated options and better P3D support

I have updated the options form of scenProc and also added better P3D support. Before you had to trick the tool by pointing the FSX settings to P3D. You can see a screenshot of the new form below.

At the top part of the form you can choose which FS version is supported for the auto completion. So you choose from FS2004, FSX, Prepar3D v1 and Prepar3D v2. scenProc will then read the autogen configuration files from the selected version. You can enable only the versions you are developing for. The enabled versions here don’t influence to which FS version you can export, it’s only for the auto completion in the scenProc GUI. The radio button at the wrong is used to select the preferred version that will be selected by default.

Below you can set the paths to the different versions of the BGLComp compiler. This compiler is used by the EXPORTBGL step. If you don’t export to BGL, you don’t have the set these paths.

At the bottom of the form there are a few other options that influence the behaviour of scenProc. Set them as desired.

Image2014-06-08 2216.34.197

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