As you might have noticed already from the lack of activity on this blog and the fewer updates to my tools, I’m a bit busy at the moment. We have just bought a house and next week we finally get the keys. But the house also needs some modernization before we can move in, so in the last few weeks I have already  been busy planning for that.

I guess this lack of time for FS will stay until we have moved into the house. So until then expect less updates of the tools and sometimes I might also reply slower in the FSDeveloper forum. Although it is mainly the programming that suffers, since I can still check the forum from my phone, but I can’t code on ModelConverterX or scenProc that way.

5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. JpP says:

    Welcome to you and your family into your new home

  2. George Nedeff says:

    I’m new to scenery development. I’m creating scenery for the entire state of West Virginia USA. I’m attempting to find a way to conveniently place autogen trees based on a two color geotiff image. I’ve managed to make roads, open fields, and water white and any areas that should contain trees, black. Is there a way to create a batch script that would convert the black parts of the image to a polyshape that I can designate as forest when it converts it to a shp file. If I could figure out a way to convert all black parts of the image into a shape file poly I’d be good to go.

  3. George Nedeff says:

    Also, is there a way to use scenproc to detect color as a means of placing autogen?

  4. George Nedeff says:

    I figured it out. I used WinTopo to convert to shp file exactly as I needed. I wish there was something simple that was preconfigured to produce autogen tree polys and water masks. Too much manual labor. 🙂

    • arno says:

      With the feature detection step of scenProc you can also turn an image into a shapefile for autogen.

      Making watermarks is on my wishlist, but at the moment I don’t have the time for it.

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