Bring out the camels

While working on some new scenProc feature I also decided to experiment with a new naming scheme for the steps. This was suggested on the forum a while ago to make the script more readable. I’m using CamelCase now for the step names. So that means that a step like ADDATTRIBUTEIFINSIDE would now become AddAttributeIfInside.

I think it’s an improvement so I plan to make this the default for all steps soon. To not break old scripts I’ll make sure the old names keep working as well of course (scenProc is case sensitive when it comes to validating the script).

3 thoughts on “Bring out the camels

  1. JpP says:

    Hi Arno
    Is that the right date for your post(April 3rd)?
    Sure it wasn’t April 1rst?

  2. arno says:


    Could have been a nice April 1st joke as well, but it was meant seriously here. On Facebook already some people said they prefer the capitals, while on the forum people have requested the CamelCase before. So I guess it will become an option 🙂

  3. JpP says:

    Hi Arno
    Thanks for giving that choice, I also have my preference for the capitals.

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