To save or not to save

save_dont_saveAbout a week ago I changed the default behaviour of scenProc. Before the configuration file was saved automatically every time you run it, but some users complained that this was not what they expected. Since I agreed it was not very “nice” to automatically save on each run, I changed the behaviour to only save when the save button was pressed.

All sounds fine so far, but since this change I noticed that I often lost changes I wanted to save, because I forgot to press the save button. So today I decided to add a warning when there are unsaved changes when you quit or try to load another document. The message will just ask you if you want to save before continuing or not. So hopefully this will minimize lost edits.

And to make clear there are unsaved changes I do now also display the asterisk behind the filename in the window tile when there are unsaved changes.

2 thoughts on “To save or not to save

  1. Gropied says:

    Hi Arno
    Thanks for this change
    Because i see that you ever make minor change in your stable version, can i suggest to you an other minor change?
    Could you insert in scenproc edit window “Ctrl H” (replace function) . Particulary, it would be youseful to make “live”, in one time, changes in many commands lines using same file names.


  2. arno says:


    I’ll add it to the wishlist and see if I can implement it before the stable release get’s out. Would be a useful addition I agree.

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