Oops, I broke it (again)

With the last development release of ModelConverterX, I by accident broke some functionality again. FS2004 BGL files gave an error on import. Of course I have fixed this bug quickly again, but still it’s annoying that this sometimes happens.

Why does this happen now and then? Basically because it’s almost impossible for me to test every feature when I make a change. But I’m trying to change this now. Lately I have been trying to work with unit tests more in my code. Unit tests typically test if certain functions work correctly.

But using the same test framework I am now also adding some integration tests to my test suite. This means that the test suite will try to load different kinds of objects (BGL files, DAE, MDL files, etc) and afterwards I’ll check if there were no errors and if the amount of modelparts or triangles is as expected.

This might not catch every possible error, but it should help me to detect quicker when certain files don’t load anymore. It would for sure prevent the bug that happened now where all FS2004 BGL files throw an error.

So I’ll go ahead and add more files to my test suite and hopefully that will reduce how often something breaks in the future.

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