Prepar3D v3 support

The development releases of my tools now support Prepar3D v3. In the rest of this post I will provide the details about what this means for the different tools.

ModelConverterX the Convert and Place Object Wizard supports P3D v3 now, so it’s a version you can select to export to. Also the P3D v3 SDK  is considered equivalent for the P3D v2 SDK, so when it comes to write MDL and BGL files I see the two versions the same for now. It seems the MDL format still has the same version. If differences are found in the future I might have to add P3D v3 MDL files as a separate output type. But for now either the v3 or v2 SDK is used to export P3D v2/3 MDL files.

scenProc you can provide the path to P3D v3 in the options and select it as a supported version in the combo box, this will ensure that the autogen configuration files are read from the P3D v3 folder. When it comes to exporting BGL files P3D v3 is considered equal to P3D v2 (see the details above for ModelConverterX).

FXEditor together with adding support for P3D v3 I have added a new options form. This allows you to specify the paths of the different FS versions. Using a combo box you can now easily switch between the versions you want to use. The active version determines where effect files are loaded from by default.

Library Creator XML when exporting P3D v2 libraries the P3D v3 SDK can also be used (see details above for ModelConverterX). No other changes made.

I don’t have P3D v3 installed myself yet, so I haven’t been able to test the support properly. If there are any issues, just let me know.

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