scenProc updated filter syntax

The next development release of scenProc will contain the new filter syntax. Please have a good look at the updated manual, as it shows how the new syntax works and contains updated samples of all steps. Here are just the highlights of the changes:

  • Besides And conditions, you can now also do Or or Not conditions.
  • Different attribute types are now supported, before every attribute was seen as a string, but now you can also have integers or doubles.
  • You can do math within your filters, so for example sum two attributes or apply a math function on an attribute.
  • scenProc will automatically try to update the old filter syntax and in 95% of the cases that should work fine.
  • One of the biggest changes to be aware of when writing the filter is that if you compare to a text, you need to put quotes around it

I hope you all get used quickly to the new syntax, because it is a lot more powerful. And if there are any questions just post them in the forum.

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