More exporting formats

I have added a new step to scenProc that provide more exporting possiblities. Besides the FS specific BGL and AGN export, before you could only export to images and Shapefiles. I have now added a new step that also allows to export to other GIS vector formats.

For loading vector data scenProc uses the OGR library for a while already, I have now added an ExportOGR step that can also write using this powerful library. This means you can not only write to Shapefile now, but also to other formats like GML or KML (and many more).

Please check the manual (which was also updated) for the specifics of this new step. Since the OGR library needs a little more information there are more attributes to specify than in the old ExportSHP step.

Let me know if there are any issues with this new step. In a while I plan to make the old ExportSHP step deprecated and then this step will be the main way to export vector data. But until it has been tested more, I’ll keep both for a while.

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