New filter syntax almost there…

instruction-manualJust a early warning, the scenProc update with the new filter syntax is almost ready for release. I have just started to update the manual for all the changes, so hopefully in a few days I can put this feature in the development release.

Why this warning? This update will change how the filter syntax works, which might impact your existing scripts. There is logic in the tool to translate from the old to the new syntax and in 98% of the cases that should work. But if you want to be really sure, you better keep using scenProc 1.1 for your production work.

If however you want to use the new features (Or selections in the filter, the ability to do math with attributes in the filter, the ability to use Math functions in your filter) you should have a look at the new filter syntax once it’s released.

And now back to writing the manual…..

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