X-Plane DSF support

I have just released an update of ModelConverterX that adds initial DSF support for X-Plane. You can now read and write DSF files.

If you read an X-Plane DSF file the models referenced from it and the placement of those models will be imported.

If you write an X-Plane DSF file the file save dialog will ask you for the location the DSF file. You should go to the scenery folder of your choice and then press enter. The name you enter doesn’t matter. ModelConverterX will automatically make a folder objects to save the objects and a folder “Earth nav data” with the correct subfolders to store the DSF file.

Be aware that the DSF exporter does at the moment not merge what you save with existing DSF files. So if they already exist they will be overwritten!

If an object has multiple textures than the X-Plane OBJ and DSF exporters will make sure that multiple objects are exported and that these are all placed at the same location.

I’m sure there will be some bugs remaining, I’m still learning X-Plane as well, so let me know if you find something.

4 thoughts on “X-Plane DSF support

  1. Bill Womack says:

    I’m not sure if this is on your development radar Arno, but it would be really helpful to be able to combine DSF files at some point. It’s probably not trivial, but I thought I’d mention it. Right now, an XP scenery often includes multiple folders for various features. It’d be great to be able to bake them into a single DSF.

    • arno says:

      I have been a bit busy with other things, so XP work has slowed down. I think with the dsf import, merge function and the export you should be able to do this. But I never tried it….

  2. Stefan Vandemaele says:

    Hi arno,

    Can you tell me how I can correct a serious offset in the object location when importing a DSF generated by World Editor. All objects are perfectly located in WED (checked with google maps) however they seem to be shift both in X and Y when looking at the position in MCX. Obviously they also get shifted in Aerofly FS2 🙁

    It happens both with small objects like Masts and buildings. I am talking about 5-10 meters.

    Thx for your feedback

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