Editing animations and transformations

The latest development release of ModelConverterX adds new functionalities to the hierarchy editor. With them you can edit animations and transformations in your model and add new animations and transformations as well.

In this video tutorial I demonstrate how it works:

I hope this new functionality makes it easier to tweak your models. If you have any questions or problems with this new functionality, please post your question on the ModelConverterX forum at FSDeveloper.

15 thoughts on “Editing animations and transformations

  1. Paco Fernández says:

    Hi Arno,
    First, thanks a lot for the fantastic mcx, I am an amateur user, but I am very grateful because I can convert (I try) some AI fs2004 planes yo use it in P3Dv4.
    The thing is that I am getting crazy trying to add a nose steering wheel using the hierarchy editor… I look for the part (gear wheel) and add the custom animation (taken from another plane) and when I try to put the coordinates for movement (X Y Z W and Rot: X Rot: Y and Rot: Z) it is impossible to save the negative numbers (I write it but when I close the Animation Key Editor it brings me back different and positive numbers…..)

    I know this is an stupid thing, but as amateur I am getting crazy … so may you tell me what I am doing bad (or what I am missing)

    Thanks a lot for your help , and best regards,
    Paco Fernández

    • arno says:

      Hi Paco, I need to check what happens there. But could it be that you get the equivalent positive value? E.g. -60 degrees is the same as 300 degrees.

  2. Paco Fernández says:

    ….. Hi again Arno (thanks a lot for your fast reply) …. I belive is not a problem with equivalent numbers.
    I think something strange is happening there , the thing is that the values I write change themselves (some numbers to positive and another to negative) and it is impossible to copy the values from another animation …

    • arno says:

      I’ll see if I can reproduce it later. The values are put in the quaternion and then decomposed again, so that might explain. If you copy the values from the other animation as quaternion they should not change.

  3. Paco Fernández says:

    … both values are in quaternion … I have tried with other models and animations but the problem persist ….

  4. Paco Fernández says:

    … good night Arno,
    I saw an mcx update and I tried again but problem is still there, so if it helps you apart that is not possible to copy other animation, I observed that some axis does not allow negative numbers and if you try to go down with the arrow to get a negative number the program shows an exception warning (System.OverflowException) (System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown.OnValueChanged(EventArgs e).
    Thanks again for all your efforts.

    • arno says:

      I didn’t have the time to check this issue yet.

      • Paco Fernández says:

        … do not worry Arno, take your time, I really do appreciate all you do for the community and your time is only yours … I’ll wait to use this powerful tool once fixed … thanks a lot and have a great afternoon.

  5. Paco Fernández says:

    Good morning Arno,
    Did you have a look at this? …. wishing to use this tool …
    Thanks in advance, and best regards,

    • arno says:

      Hi Paco,

      Sorry it took a while, this evening I had a look and I think I understand what you mean. I have made some changes to the animation key editor that make it easier to edit quaternions. They will be in the next development release.

      • Paco Fernández says:

        Hi Arno,
        Just to tell you, thanks a lot, I do really appreciate it.
        Best regards,

  6. Florian says:

    Hello, can we change animation name ?

    • arno says:

      I assume that with the name you mean the type of animation? Yes, you can change that from the hierarchy editor as well. Just click on the type/name and you will get a dropdown list with the other types to choose from.

      • Florian says:

        Yes I saw you can do that, does it’s possible to add a new name to the animation type and how ?
        Thank you

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