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I was quite happy the last few weeks that hardly any crashes were reported in my bug tracker from my tools. But today I found out why, the bug reporting is actually broken at the moment. It seems the interface into the bugtracker does not like the newer PHP version that i had to enable for using the latest version of WordPress for SceneryDesign.org.

So now that I am aware of this issue, I’ll try to fix it. Probably the best way forward is to update the bugtracker software to a newer version that will hopefully give a working interface with my tools for newer PHP versions. So let me try to find some time for that upgrade soon.

Edit: the bug tracker software has been updated now and is running fine again. So you can report bugs from my tools again. Although I hope you don’t do it too often….

Image result for work in progress

2 thoughts on “Bug reporting broken

  1. Dave P says:

    It still threw me an error today (22nd) from the dev version of scenproc – “view_state” not found.

  2. Dear Friends i have an error just openning my MCX, when i see the error report (events viewer) it talks about aKERNELBASE32.dll erros
    this module is located at

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