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With FS2020 being available I would like to let you know that I have started on adding support for the glTF models in ModelConverterX already. But it’s not yet finished or fully tested as my current machine doesn’t meet the FS2020 specs.

Once I’m back from vacation I’ll continue on this feature. By that time the dust of the release should have settled a bit as well.

And I’ll have to see how to upgrade my machine, so that I can properly test things.

34 thoughts on “FS2020 support

  1. h0rnb1ll says:

    Really looking forward to this update. I’m living in a 2nd tier city and my home airport is still a flat ground in FS2020. Thanks for your work

  2. Stefan Kliemannel says:

    Wow that’s fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy your vacation.

  3. tanks Arno.
    Enjoy your vacation.

  4. SergeiKat says:

    Hi. When using MCX To try to load a BGL File, I get this issue.

    An error occured during importing the selected file

    Length cannot be less than zero.
    Parameter name: length

    at System.String.InternalSubStringWithChecks(Int32 startIndex, Int32 length, Boolean fAlwaysCopy)
    at ASToFra.ObjectReader.BGLXReader.ReadNameDict(String filename)
    at ASToFra.ObjectReader.BGLXReader.Read(String filename)
    at ASToFra.ObjectReader.BGLReader.Read(String filename)
    at ASToFra.ObjectReader.AllObjectReader.Read(String fileName)
    at ASToFra.ModelConverterX.MainWindow.bwImporter_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)

  5. Peter Kruesi says:

    Dear Arno
    Make a collection / crowedfunding to get the resource to update your mahine.
    We need you I think ?!

  6. SergeiKat says:

    brought my BGL issue to a new comment as it wouldn’t let me reply.
    You asked for the game version, I amm using FSX BGL files.

    • arno says:

      That error you posted doesn’t make sense for FSX files. Are you using the latest development release of MCX?

  7. Hi Arno,

    No matter what you offer us, it will always be greatly appreciated!


  8. Jean-Philippe Desmeth says:

    Hi Arno
    First of all, thx for all previous work, it has been su hugely usefull!
    Can’t wait to see the FS2020 compatible version so I can start doing liveries

    Merci Beaucoup !


  9. Joe McGough says:

    Hi, how close is the MSFS2020 version please? Looking forward to getting started with this.

    • arno says:

      It’s part of the latest development release, so it’s available.

      • Joe McGough says:

        Brilliant thanks, is there any tutorials to get going with MSFS2020?

        • Joe McGough says:

          Cant seem to save textures as its asking for IMAGETOOL and I cant seem to locate this within the SDK. Any help will be brilliant. Thanks

          • arno says:

            ImageTool is only used when saving to dds. For MSFS I suggest that you save to png.
            Else you would need the get an FSX or P3D sdk that contains ImageTool.

  10. Joe McGough says:

    Yeah that worked (sort of) I still get an issue where the texture is skewed/distorted. It seems it is because of triangles in the object, however I have no idea how to get rid of them. Even the simplest of built objects in sketchup seem to generate these triangles where the texture will distort itself around them. In blender you can get rid of some of them but not all. Its a little frustrating because I can get my objects into MSFS2020 no problem and they look great, its just the texturing thats causing me a headache. Hope you can help Arno.

    • arno says:

      Do you tile your textures? MSFS does not support that well and that can cause distortion.

      • Joe McGough says:

        I make the image to a power of 2 in photoshop, then create the material in sketchup and paint it onto the surface and then texture/position it into place.
        Thats the only way I know how unless you know another way?
        I appreciate the replies. Thanks

        • arno says:

          It has nothing to do with the texture, it depends if you repeat the texture multiple times on the polygon or not.

      • Joe McGough says:

        OK so using the default textures in sketchup work perfectly in the sim, so its got to be the textures that I am importing. Getting somewhere at least but not sure where im going wrong.

  11. Dietmar Hanne says:

    Hi Arno,

    Could it be that your .gltf Format Export for the MSFS 2020 is suitable.
    Whenever I have a Model in the .gltf Format ( Boat from Henrik Nielsen )slightly
    change, and then with the modelconverterX export, I get a file that MSFS can not read.
    The file sizes have also changed. The Model is in the MSFS 2020 no visible.
    This is a shame, because the modelconnverterX is one of my most used program.
    But by this shortcoming, he is for to Convert in the MSFS.gltf Format useless.

  12. Dietmar Hanne says:

    Hi Arno,
    Here’s what I did. I load a ship model from Henrik into the MCX. Then I change only the Z-axis, i.e. the height. Now I export the model again as .gltf format. Then I integrate it back into my package. After starting the MSFS it is no longer displayed.

    • arno says:

      Did you compile the package again, either with the in sim tools or the fspackagetool?

      MCX makes the glTF files that go in the package sources folder. But before they can be used in the sim they need to be packaged, which optimizes a lot of things and adds some MSFS specific things.

  13. Dietmar Hanne says:

    o.k. Arno,

    thanks for your help!

  14. Kris says:

    I canโ€™t seem to find a way to import a MSFS2020 BGL scenery. Is there anyway I can do this? What are the steps in importing it to MCX

    • arno says:

      It would be the same as importing any other bgl file. Just select it in the import dialog or drag it onto MCX.

      Do you get any error or warning when you try to load it?

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