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Today the hosting company where FSDeveloper is hosted moved the website to their new hosting platform. But although the migration has finished, the website is not yet working correctly. I get a “Service unavailable” error most of the time now. I am in contact with the hosting company to resolve this, but I need their help on this. So hopefully we are back online soon.

6 thoughts on “FSDeveloper down

  1. Hi Arno,

    My MCX stop opening in windows 10, if I start the program, my process show me that MCX is working but no windows of the program, actually I was hoping to writh you in the forums, thanks

    • arno says:

      Which version so you use?

      • Hi Arno,

        This is the one I’m using “18-11-2020” I don’t know why, but when its stops the computer halted or freeze so I had to make a hard reset, and when coming back, the software just not want to start again, so I’ve using this version “10-11-2019” that acctually works, thanks

        • arno says:

          You might want to try to delete the old configuration files. See the manual for info on the location where they are saved.

          • Hi, I search in every page of the manual of MCX and it doesn’t say anything about configuration files, the only ones are in the same folder, but no success to search any of this files, perhaps its located in other part of the system, or in the registry but no positive results. Thanks

  2. Hi Arno,

    Thanks for the help, I just fix the problem by erasing some folders from appdata/roaming/simmodel, that solve the problem, thanks again.

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