MCX performance optimizations

Lately it has been quiet with new features for ModelConverterX, but that doesn’t mean I have not been busy. After optimizing the import performance of glTF files for MSFS, I found quite a big inefficiency in the way ModelConverterX stores the model data internally. So I have been working on optimizing that internal structure of the last weeks.

The performance gains of it turn out to be quite big. As memory, CPU and GPU usage can be reduced a lot. The screenshot below compares the current build I have in development with the 1.4 stable release. In both cases I have loaded the default FSX Boeing 747-400 model. As you can see memory usage is more than half (and if you remember textures take the same amount of memory the gain in the part I optimized is even more). Also the model pans and rotates also more smoothly due to the optimizations.

I still need to do more testing to make sure I did not break functionality, as it was quite a fundamental change deep inside ModelConverterX. So it might take a little while before I can put this out to the community, but something is coming your way soon.

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