PBR support in ModelConverterX preview

After the recent performance improvements to ModelConverterX, I have been working on another feature that was on my wishlist for a long time and that is supporting rendering PBR materials in the preview. The next development release does add this feature for P3D PBR models. Below you see a screenshot of a test model with PBR in ModelConverterX (thanks to Bill Womack for sharing this model with me for testing).

When the “Is PBR material” attribute is set to true, ModelConverterX will use a different shader to render the model part using the PBR techniques. I think I have added most attributes that P3D has for the PBR material as well, but if you find any issues let me know.

The next step is to update the ModelConverterX shader to also work with the MSFS PBR materials. This should hopefully be a relatively easy step now that I have the P3D PBR materials working.

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