scenProc building texture configuration change

I have made a change in the 3D building feature in scenProc that was introduced about two weeks ago. At that moment the building texture configuration file contained both a list of wall textures and a list of roof textures. I have realized that is not so flexible, as you might want to use the same wall textures, but have different roof textures for flat and sloped buildings.

So the Create3DBuilding step has been modified now, it takes two building texture configurations as input. One for the walls and one for the roofs. This gives you more flexibility. The Building Texture Configuration Editor has also been updated, so that you can only specify one list of texture now.

2 thoughts on “scenProc building texture configuration change

  1. Luis says:

    Hi Arno. Great news about 3D buildings!. I have two questions regarding the command:
    – if I don’t have elevation information and leave the parameter as 0, will the buildings follow automatically the terrain or do I need to create a elevation field and populate it for each building?.
    – Will the command process and construct a 3D building from any type of footprint, regardless of its complexity?. For example, can it be used to represent city center buildings.

    Thanks a lot and again great work!

    • arno says:


      Yes if you leave the elevation at zero they will stick to the ground. Only if you specify that the placement is relative to MSL you need to specify an absolute altitude.

      You can use any building shape, although making gabled roofs can be hard on some shapes. So in that case flat roofs will work best.

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