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With the recent changes for scenProc to export to MSFS as well, I have added writing a scenery to a MSFS package to the exporter capabilities. This means that ModelConverterX now also has the same export capability. So if you select “Export scenery” you will be able to export to a MSFS scenery package.

The created package contains a PackageSources folder with the XML and glTF files of your objects and their placement. As well as the PackageDefinitions XML file and a project XML file. This means you can directly compile this package with the MSFS package tool. So this capability can be used to have a quick start with making a package.

If you have just modified a single model, it is probably easier to export it as a glTF file as before and insert the new glTF files in your existing package manually.

For me it is also a bit searching to see which workflow makes most sense for MSFS. So if there are ideas to improve or change the package export, just post your suggestions in the forum.

4 thoughts on “Export MSFS scenery package

  1. William Ashman says:

    I mean really AMAZING work Arno!

  2. Antonio says:

    Hi Arno, I don’t know if you remember me in the past I made scenarios for FSX and P3D, I’m Antonio … since MSFS2020 came out I abandoned development as the sim is already very complete.
    Recently I had the need to manipulate a MSFS library (ItalyPoint) to remove an object already present in an added Photogrammed scenario, I found myself unable to save the BGL library in MCX after deleting the double object.
    Is it not possible to save the same library in BGL instead of in scenario format to be compiled? As was done with FSX / P3d. Thank you have a nice day.
    Antonio BlogFSX

    • arno says:

      Hi Antonio,

      No, you can’t save to MSFS bgl directly from MCX. The bgl files are made by the fspackagetool. So you would have to export as a package and compile that into the runtime files.

  3. Antonio says:

    Thanks Arno for the answer, I will try even if it will be very difficult because MCX only to load the BGL which is 2 GB takes a long time to open the library almost 1 hour ….

    Have a nice day again. 🙂

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