ESP Developers Conference

I am a bit late, so you might already have read this somewhere else. Microsoft is organising an ESP Developers Conference in both Orlando and London. For more details check the ESP blog. The one in London is at the 19th of November and I am tempted to go there myself as well. At the […]

ESP in MSDN Magazine

There is an article about ESP in the current MSDN Magazine. It gives a short overview of the platform and the ways you can extend it. Those that now FSX already might not learn so much new from it, but if you don’t know ESP or FSX yet it seems like a good introduction.

ESP at DevDays

Tomorrow and on Friday I will be giving a presentation at the Dutch Microsoft DevDays titled “Flight SimulatorSecrets Exposed: The Microsoft ESP Visual Simulation Platform”. I must admit the titles comes from a presentation by Todd Landstad of the ACES team that I luckily could make use of when preparing. Originally it was planned that […]


For those of you in the Netherlands this might be interesting. This year I will be attending the MS DevDays in Amsterdam. I am going to give two presentations there, one about ESP and the other one about FS. At the moment the exact scope is still under discussion, once I know more I will […]

ESP Developer Center

The MSDN Developer Center for ESP has gone live. This is another great source of ESP information, besides the blog and forum mentioned before already. And as you can see they also feature the FS (or should I say ACES) MVPs there. This time it is my turn. Maybe good looking Nick will be next.

Some more ESP news

Here is some more exiting ESP news. The ESP team now has its own blog as well, so be sure to check it out. You can find some ESP code samples on the MSDN Code Gallery, just search for ESP over there. That should provide you with a starting point when exploring ESP further. Seems […]

ESP forum

An forum for ESP has been opened at the MSDN forums. So if you have ESP development related questions, be sure to take a look at this new forum. I am sure this forum will become more active, once it is known that it is there. For now you will have to do with some […]

SimConnect and CIGI

For some while already I wanted to learn a bit more about SimConnect and this week I found a good reason to do so. I wanted to try if I could connect FSX to CIGI. CIGI stands for Common Image Generator Interface and this is a common way in professional simulations to talk between the […]

Microsoft ESP

I know this is old new, and I guess you must have read about this multiple times already by now. But as I think it is still very interesting I am writing this blog post about ESP. ESP is a new simulation platform that Microsoft has recently announced and it is based on the same […]