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There is an article about ESP in the current MSDN Magazine. It gives a short overview of the platform and the ways you can extend it. Those that now FSX already might not learn so much new from it, but if you don’t know ESP or FSX yet it seems like a good introduction.

2 thoughts on “ESP in MSDN Magazine

  1. Manfred says:

    Well, I read it. Looks like it is another type of Flight Sim? Mentions nothing about what ESP stands for nor how I can get it. You have to be a member of MSDN (what ever that is) an then have to buy some sort of volume license.

    I’m sure it is exciting for those who know what it’s all about but I didn’t get much out of this article at all.

  2. arno says:

    The first sentence says what it is:

    “Microsoft® ESP™ delivers a full, all-in-one visual simulation platform—a simulation engine, software development tools, and extensive realistic world content—that enables developers to create compelling simulations using 3D modeling tools, the Microsoft .NET Framework, C++, and XML-based training missions.”

    Maybe that is a bit cryptic to a gamer or somebody not in the simulation business. It is the marketing way to say that it is a professional version of FSX, a framework that people can use to build their own simulations for training or research.

    It is indeed not simple to buy ESP, but the professional market is more familiar with MS volume licensing or MSDN subscriptions. Maybe it is not always clear that ESP is not targetted at gamers, that is what FSX is (they use the same simulation core anyway).

    Hope this clarifies it a bit more,

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