A FS developer conference?

A user of the FSDeveloper community started an interesting discussion this week, would it be possible to organize a conference for FS addon developers? Similar to the AltDevConf it should be an online conference so that it is easy for people from everywhere to attend.

At FSDeveloper we find this a very interesting idea, so we have put together a survey to get a better idea of how many people would like to attend such a conference and which topics you would like to see covered. So please take a few minutes to fill in this survey.

Using your feedback we will then decide if we can organize such an event next year. Personally I think it would be very nice if we could. The 2007 DevConf organized by Microsoft was a great event to gather knowledge about addon development. And now so many years later I think it would be great to have another event where we can share our knowledge about this hobby.



4 thoughts on “A FS developer conference?

  1. Geoff says:

    Surprised that this has not been done before.


  2. John Hubbard says:


    I could not in all truth be described as a ‘developer’. I made a few sceneries for FS2002 and tweaked a few FDEs for AI planes. More recent stuff I did for myself but never felt it was good enough to share.

    However, I would support a developer’s conference (online or otherwise) and I would be interested in ‘sitting in’ as an observer. I would also be willing to make a donation to cover costs.

    As for topics:
    1. Triple monitor set ups in FSX/P3D/XPlane.
    2. The need for coordination of flight simulator development. At the moment it sometimes seems that talented, poorly resourced developers are fighting each other instead of pooling scarce resources and working together. Online flying with IVAO and VATSIM is a case in point. The current scramble to produce a good Airbus is another.

    I wish your idea well and hope to hear more.


  3. Joe Watson says:

    Yes …. I would like to participate in this.
    Joe W

  4. arno says:


    Thanks for the feedback. We indeed have to see at what level we want to make the presentations. Some should probably more be at novice level for people who want to start making some scenery, while others can be more expert level where developers share their knowledge with each other.


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