ObPlacer XML and Rwy12 object libraries

After the release of EZ-Scenery, I have made a few posts on this blog about the object library mania that occured back then. As people tried to convert Rwy12 library into EZ-Scenery libraries, while they are actually almost the same (only the way the information about the library is read into the tool is different). In principle any object library made with the Fs2004 XML scenery format, should work fine with any of the object placement tools made for this XML format.

So, how about ObPlacer XML you might be thinking. That tool uses a different way to read the information about the library. While EZ-Scenery reads the information directly from the binary BGL file, Rwy12 uses its own XML format to store the information about names, GUIDs, etc. And ObPlacer XML reads the BGLComp XML files that you can also use to compile the library BGL. All those different formats can become rather confusing to the new users.

But I have now added a new feature to ObPlacer XML to make the life of the designer a little easier. ObPlacer XML can now also read the Rwy12 XML format, so that means you can now add libraries that have been released for Rwy12 easier to ObPlacer XML as well. So you know have the choice to either load a BGLComp XML file or a Rwy12 XML file to let ObPlacer XML now about the object library.

There are a few things I still need to finish, but I will try to release this new version within the coming days. And yes, I have also fixed the bug about the mixed up texture coordinates in the generic building preview.

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  1. thank you very easy to use it

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